Introducing Me


Hi everyone!! My name is Claire Donahue and….WELCOME TO THE NEW AND IMPROVED MISS DONAHUE’S BLOG AKA MISS DECLAIREING HAPPINESS! Last semester I created a blog to receive James Scholar credit & it was one of the best experiences. I loved being able to share my thoughts about teaching, new ideas I was learning, and the journey of graduating and becoming a real teacher. A couple of months ago, I created a personal blog on instagram (@missdeclaireinghappiness pls follow lol), where I shared my insights on all things that make me happy. So I thought…why not combine those two forms of media and communicating?! And thus, this blog page was born!

Now for a little insight into my blog name! You might be wondering, um Claire, you kinda spelled “declaring” wrong. Well, my friends, do you notice the little secret word inside my title? (deCLAIREing) Haha, I’m so punny. I combined declaireing with happiness because I am someone who always chooses to be positive. Life can get you down sometimes, but I like to remind others why we can all be happy. Choosing happiness and choosing to be kind can make this world a better place! As so, I want to declaire all things that make me happy and can hopefully put a smile on your face as well. And then I added the Miss in front since I’ll start teaching this fall 🙂

What can you expect for this blog? I’ll tell you! You will read blog posts about planning for the upcoming school year, crafting, fashion, baking, life hacks, vacation trips, books I’m reading….literally anything and everything happy! I want this to be a blog where I’m able to share my thoughts, ideas, and opinions, but also a blog where you get something out of it. Yes, you. With this, I am going to ask a little favor! Never hesitate to reach out to me with questions or ideas you want me to try. I love being able to help! I’ll be your teacher, stylist, chef, therapist, talk show host, mom, & more!

So sit back and relax and follow me along in my blogging journey!


Miss Declaireing Happiness

(Should I shorten this??? MDS? Miss D?? Keep it??? Thoughts??? Thanks!!!!)

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