~Just a Splash of [Water] Color~

Hi Everyone! Happy July! Can you believe it is already July? I definitely can not. Happy Almost 4th of July! What are your plans?

Tonight I am going to a local fireworks show with my family and Joel. I am super excited! I am in the process of baking some festive cookies and I made some red, white, and blue puppy chow🐶❤️

Tomorrow I am headed to a BBQ with Joel & his family and then we are going to see some more fireworks in our hometown! I love how festive the beginning of July is… to be honest…I am just coming to this conclusion now as I am typing…July is one of my favorite months. You can always count on July for being super warm and summer-like. (Lol here in the Midwest, you can never count on May and June being warm!!! July has never let me down!) It actually feels like summer in July and I love it😋

One way I have been celebrating the month of July is preparing my desktop screen! I recently received my school laptop (#WOOHOO #SOOFFICIAL) and was customizing & personalizing it! For my personal laptop, I always enjoy having pictures of Joel & I, my family, and my friends, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do this for my school laptop. I wanted something cute and could keep me organized, so BAM this is when an idea popped in my head!!! I decided to make my own desktop wallpaper. I thought that this could be something that I would share and something that I could do monthly. In my dream world, I could see my future fifth graders excited at the end of each month to see what Miss Donahue’s laptop screen would look to start the new month. They would say “Oh Miss Donahue what is it going to be?!?! I’m so excited!!” Lol I know I know… I said “dream world”. Not sure if fifth graders will get excited about their teacher’s laptop screen but who knows!

To begin, I started brainstorming #JulyThings. I thought of the Fourth of July, sunshine, the pool, bathing suits, everything summer lol. Then I thought of…watermelon ðŸ‰ðŸ‰Watermelon is super yummy and watermelon graphics are easy to make… right?! You just paint a pink triangle, with a green border, and some black dots for seeds. Yeah so my graphics were not turning out the greatest. I did NOT like their look. They looked so “clip-art-y” if that is even a thing. Sooooo I went on Google Images. I googled Watermelon graphics and all these cute watercolor watermelons came up. That got me thinking…

“I’ve ALWAYS wanted to learn how to create watercolor images on Adobe Illustrator. I always see watercolor graphics on Teachers Pay Teachers, blogs, instagram, you name it… HOW ON EARTH DO PEOPLE DO IT?!”

I did some more researching (lol research is the name of the game… THANK GOODNESS for the Internet!) and found an easy way to make watercolor graphics. This way did not require you to virtually make the watercolor designs, but paint the watercolor designs in real life! I’ve always been a fan of watercoloring so I was super excited!!

I went through my mom’s craft room and found watercolor paper and watercolor paint. Next, I put on some Netflix and began crafting away! I painted a watermelon, saying of “one in a melon”, and some paint line strokes. I also painted an entire pink background that I was thinking I could use for the actual desktop background.


From my research, I learned that you can simply scan in your watercolor paintings into the computer and save them as a JPEG! After brightening the picture up a tad and adding some more saturation, here was my virtual watercolor graphics:


I might just be super obsessed or a little annoying…BUTTTTTTT….HOW. COOL. IS. THIS?!?! For all these years I thought that some graphic designers or Internet users were creating watercolor online, but they could simply be painting in real life and scanning it in!! I KNOW WHAT I AM GOING TO BE DOING IF I’M NOT WORKING LOL. This was SO fun and I was able to make a graphic that I actually wanted and liked. I used these new watercolor graphics to create a new desktop wallpaper! Check it out🤗 Feel free to download/copy/save it to be your desktop wallpaper! This is a freebie I created with my own graphics & the fonts of A Perfect Blend (https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/A-Perfect-Blend)

Laptop Screens Take 3.jpg

I’m so excited to continue using this new skill I learned. I’m going to make monthly wallpapers & send some out to you all! I am declaireing that learning new crafting skills always makes me happy and excited💕🍉 Does it get you excited?? Thanks for following along!

******I will be uploading a video shortly to YouTube (I found out with my last video it takes like 5 years) that teaches you how you can scan your watercolor designs or pretty much any design to your computer! I will teach you how to single out your image and make it transparent & how you can use it to create a wallpaper or any other project!

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