Lost My Wisdom But Gained Some Sugar

Hi Everyone! I feel like I have not written in a while… I PROMISE I’m going to continue to write more and more frequently. I haven’t felt myself this past week because I lost some wisdom (lol just kidding)….just some wisdom teeth. There are so many exciting things that are going to be happening in the next couple of weeks and I want to keep you all updated on them! So stay with me🤗

Sooooo today would have marked my last day with no sugar: Day 21 of 21. The final day of cutting out that sneaky little sweetener. Tomorrow would have marked my day back into the “real world” where I wouldn’t have to worry about processed foods, artificial sweeteners, and could enjoy a nice scoop of ice cream. However….I have a confession to make. I only made it to Day 17/21😓 I have good reasons though!! And if I could have made it out to this day with no sugar, I would have. There were just some things happening that couldn’t let me!

I got my wisdom teeth removed last week! Prior to the removal, I had so many people applauding and questioning me on why I would not have sugar during the recovery process. Some would say “Wow, you are brave” or “Are you seriously not going to have ice cream afterwards?”. But I was determined! I had been shopping for no-sugar soft foods all week like sugar-free jello, applesauce, yogurt, and mashed potatoes. I made my own guacamole and smoothies filled with protein power to give me energy over my recovery time. However, I think I overestimated how quickly I would recover and my appetite.

This was the first time I had ever had surgery before and had ever had anesthesia. If you asked any of my family or close friends, they would tell you how nervous I was. I had never been put under before and did not know what it was going to be like. I am so thankful that everything went as expected and planned during the surgery, but the hours after the surgery were not my best. After some funny videos sent to friends and eating some of my sugar-free yogurt, I took all my medication: to reduce pain, swelling, and provide some antibiotics. I went straight to sleep and woke up a little nauseous. I asked my dad to get me some of my veggie-packed applesauce… but that didn’t help. Maybe it was an allergic reaction or maybe it was the things I was eating or maybe it was something else, but I had gotten sick. (I’ll spare the gross details)

I AM NOT KIDDING Y’ALL THIS WAS ONE OF THE WORST EXPERIENCES OF MY LIFE. First of all I hate throwing up to begin with, but second of all I could barely open my mouth because of my surgery! My dad definitely saw me at my lowest point lol. I wasn’t keeping anything down and none of my preplanned sugar-free foods were helping. Whenever I’m nauseous, I always like having some Gatorade to energize me up or whatever (I think it has some magical powers). At that moment, I knew that the sugar detox needed to be put on the back burner. My dad went out and got me some Gatorade and normal applesauce. I was beginning to feel better. The non-sugar foods did not seem appetizing though…they were almost a trigger to how I was feeling right after the surgery. I made the decision to stop the detox. I wish I could have gone on, but I think it limited the foods I could have post-surgery. Joel brought me a vanilla milkshake that night and all was right in the world…and my stomach.

I apologize for that long narrative, but that was me just explaining why I ended the sugar detox early. As this is my happiness blog and I love to share all things happy and positive, I do not want to dwell on what I didn’t do for this detox, but what I did. I MADE IT FAR PEOPLE. 17 days with no sugar?? 17 days with no gum, no ice cream, no artificial sweeteners, no sweeteners in fruit?? WOW. I am so proud. Here is what I learned/gained:

  1. I learned that I actually do have willpower. As much as I thought going into this detox that sugar was “controlling” my life, it is not. I am in control of what I can and can not eat. I have the power to say no to something sugary and yes to something whole and healthy. A lot of people during my detox said, “I could never do that”, but NO you can!! Have faith in yourself and challenge yourself. I didn’t think I was able to.. but hey, I went 17 days without it! Amazing! (Tbh I am also #proud because it has actually been 21 days without gum…can’t really chew gum when you have stitches in your mouth)
  2. I gained a new taste palate. Never before did I crave coconut, lemons, Granny Smith Apples, and tomatoes. While scrolling through my Pinterest, desserts with fruit in them actually look and sound DELICIOUS. Prior to the detox, I thought that fruits and vegetables should never be in dessert… they have their own food group and sweets is not it. Now, however, there are so many dessert recipes with fruit I want to try!!! Peach cobbler, strawberry shortcake, lemon bars!!! OH MY!
  3. I learned that sugar is not the greatest for you, but I probably won’t ever cut it completely out of my life…just have it in moderation. There are many natural alternatives to sugar like Stevia, Honey, Maple Sugar, and Coconut Sugar. These are all sweeteners I want to try to substitute in recipes. I’m not going to cut out sugar completely, but maybe I’ll do this detox another time or annually. Who knows? I would have to say that it was a fun challenge to look at ingredient labels, make recipes to replace my sweet tooth, and try new things… BUT it is good to be back to eating whatever I like…to some degree.
  4. I learned that if you want to eat healthy, you have to put the energy, time and money in. I wish there could be an easier or quicker fix, but I feel like all that is true. You have to put in the energy to motivate yourself to want to eat healthy and to help you beat cravings.  You have to put in the time to plan your meals, go grocery shopping, and make your meals. And sadly, you have to put in a little extra money. Some organic foods or healthy foods are more expensive. If you put in a little of those three things, I promise you will see and feel results!

If any of you are curious or are wondering if you should do this sugar detox, this is your sign to do it! Try it! Do it for 17 days. Do it for 3 days. Do it for 21 days. I fully support you and am here for advice, encouragement, and/or answers!! If any of you are thinking, “yeah that’s a big NO for me”, I challenge you to rethink and/or be a great support to others that want to try it. The best feeling during this detox was when someone was supportive and encouraging, rather than questioning and judgmental. I am deCLAIREing that I love when we can empower others, empower ourselves, and treat our bodies with care. Thank you for following along with me in this journey❤️ I must go now… there is a donut that is calling my name🍩

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