Dear First Year Teacher

Long time so see friends! I have been SOOOOO busy setting my classroom up. Between working, being in my classroom, and attempting to have some free time (seriously what is free time?? I feel like I will not know what it is until next summer), I just have not had time to blog. No empty promises here but you all WILL see my classroom soon: when it is all set up! No sneak peaks just yet:)

For this blog post I wanted to write a letter to future first year teachers. There is so much that they don’t teach you!!! And I am not blaming anyone for not teaching it to you!!! Most of it you just have to experience. However, I wanted to write a letter to hopefully provide some guidance, reassurance, and motivation! Here goes nothing!


Dear Future First Year Teacher,

Helloooooooo, it’s me!! (*Cue Adele music*). It’s me, Miss DeClaireing Happiness! I am YOU. I wanted to write to you because I feel your excitement, frustrations, stress, confusion, and eagerness. Just like you, I’ve wanted to be a teacher for as long as I can remember and the time IS FINALLY HERE. I have my own class of students, my own classroom, my own teacher desk (!!!!!). We made it through our University courses, the dreaded edTPA (#BlessYou who didn’t have to do it), the interview process, graduation…maybe not all in that order! But we did it!!! If yew cen reed this, then yew ar a teecsher.

Right now, you might not feel fully prepared. Just this past week, I came across and thought of about 194729383 things that I never knew I had to worry about–classroom whiteboards, privacy folders, connecting your iPad to your projector, etc. I have been joking with colleagues that I should write a book about being a first year teacher (“What To Expect When You’re Expecting Your First Class of Students” lol should I????? Would you buy it????) Amongst all of these confusions and unknowings, I promise you that you are amazing and can do this! Your experiences and courses may not have told you what to do in these situations or that you have to think of these things, but they provided you the right mindset and knowledge to get you through it. And in the end, just know, you have a full class of kiddos that are counting on you and are rooting for you.

Your last week of summer, first week of training, and first day of school will have an array of emotions, but just know you have a great support system. You have faculty, teammates, family, friends, and/or an online teacher community here to help you shine. Never be afraid to ask questions!

Good luck you newbies!! With your passion for students, change, and love of learning, you will be amazing. I can’t wait to see what you do!


A First Year Teacher

P.S. I’ll write to you on the last day of school too!!

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