Twas the Night Before The First Day

Twas the Night Before my First Day of School

And all through my home in LZ

I was finished getting ready for the big day

Headed to bed early, all nice & cozy


All my lessons were planned

And my classroom all set

Meet the Teacher was so fun today

I loved all the students and parents that I met


Then what to my wondering eyes should appear

A new lunch box from my dad

to start my teaching career.  

In it I packed a sandwich, popcorn, and some fruit…

Suddenly I realized I needed to pick out my outfit

Something professional, but still cute.


I rushed to my room to look through my teacher clothes

I have been building this wardrobe,

for a couple of years I suppose.

I found the perfect outfit and lay it on my chair

The next morning I would have everything all planned out

I would not have a scare.  


Laying in bed I thought about the wonderful opportunity ahead.

Becoming a teacher has been a dream of mine,

I was full of all happy thoughts, not dread.

I was excited to get to know all of my students this year

Thinking of all the ways we can learn from each other,

And how to make my experience filled with cheer!


I’m excited to start my first year of teaching,

And that I am able to share it all with you.

How amazing that this is my dream that I am finally reaching!

“Happy First Day to all and to all a Good Night!”

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