Little Things in the Summer That Make Me HAPPY :)

Sooooo we are not even a week in to Summer 2019 and I’m having blast! I am loving not having a set schedule (except at Loft….COME VISIT ME TOMORROW AT 12:30😛), not having to set an alarm (except my internal alarm clock wakes me up early), and just being able to read, relax, and catch up on things from the school year. This past week has definitely been refreshing and I want to share some of the “little things” of summer that make me happy.

  • WATCHING THE TODAY SHOW!- Ever since I was in middle school, I enjoyed the 1 minute news recap at 7:00am and have memorized their opening from the start “This is Today with [insert current anchors name], LIVE from Studio 1A in Rockefeller Plaza”. After watching this little summary, I would usually pack up my backpack and head to school. It was such a great start to the morning and I felt “in the loop” with current events. However, this year, since I am an early bird & was a first year teacher, I would be in my classroom at 6:40am completely missing this recap. I missed seeing the shining faces of the Today Show and feeling connected to the world. Being at home during the week now in summer, I am able to start my morning with the fab people of NBC news and watch it as long as I would like. (The second and third hour of the Today show are my favorites ❤️ ) Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie, I love YOU!!! Can’t wait for Hoda to return back on the show! And Dylan Dreyer, Craig Melvin, Al Roker, Carson Daly, Sheinelle Jones, and Jenna Bush, y’all are awesome too. ***A dream of mine is to go to NYC and meet all of y’all in the morning! In the meantime, I am content with seeing you all on TV!IMG_1310
  • WORKING OUT IN THE MORNING!– Not only do I enjoy starting my day with the Today Show clan, I also enjoy working out at the local Y right in the morning. There is no better feeling than finishing a workout. I love having this feeling in the morning because it kickstarts my day and makes me ready for anything and everything! It’s so fun seeing the same people at the Y in the mornings too. Although I don’t know their names, I feel like we all bond. I mean, we have to bond since we are the crazy people that are working out from 5:30-6:30 in the morning😂
  • GOING TO THE GROCERY STORE DURING THE WEEK!– During the school year, my dad and I hit up Mariano’s practically every Saturday between 7:00-8:00am….along with everybody else in LZ. We had to get into our grove–he would go to the deli counter first and I would race through the veggies and fruits–as it was always really crowded and we didn’t want to wait. You know what’s awesome about summer?? I don’t have to wait until the weekend mornings to get food for the week…I can do it during the week! I went to Mariano’s and Trader Joe’s on Monday and I felt so invigorated. There were no lines, fresh produce, and smiling faces. Every worker I saw smiled and asked me how I was doing. I quickly responded with “I’m great! I’m a teacher and this is my first Monday of summer!”. They all congratulated me and smiled. To be honest, I have been to the grocery store every day this week HAHA but it’s awesome because I CAN 🥑🍓🌽🥫🥚🧀🍗🌮
  • READING ALL THE TIME!– I have a GIANT stack of books on my shelf–28 to be exact–and the pile just keeps on growing. I love that I can read at all times of the day!! I’ve already finished 3 books this past week ranging from adult fiction to children’s realistic fiction to a professional development book on reading. The last book I read was called The Book Whisperer (thanks for the recommendation @Dana) and I learned that I need to keep with my reading passion so I can help model and encourage the wonders of reading to my students!! Majority of the books that I am reading this summer are children’s literature (HIGH KEY RECOMMEND BECAUSE THEY ARE FUN AND MOSTLY ALWAYS HAVE GOOD ENDINGS). I am taking note of what I am reading so I can recommend books to my students next year! Having free time to read is not only helping me relax and unwind, it is preparing me to help my students📚💕

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  • FREE TIME TO WORK ON PROJECTS!– If you know me, then you know that I have a passion for crafting and a passion for projects! I have a space in my basement dedicated to this. It was my mom’s craft room, now mine, and it is my favorite place in the house❤️ I feel so connected to her and my passion for creating when I am in there. So far, I have been able to work on a couple of projects–clean/organize the craft room (sounds boring, but I promise you I have been looking forward to this), designing our new patio space (PEEP my cute little spot in the photo), and working on a Father’s Day Gift (no spoilers because Pat Donahue may be reading this!!!). I love that I have this extra time to create!! I am hoping to update you all on my summer projects as well as show some videos of the DIY projects so you can do them too!!

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After this week and being able to do all these little things that make me happy, I am refilling my energy cup! Here’s to two more months of THIS 🎉 ☀️ One of the teachers I follow on instagram shared a story about her day today; It included a coffee date, hair appointment, and time spent creating for her TPT store. She then said “Writing that made me feel spoiled……but teachers deserve this!” (@misswestbest). I could not agree more! Teachers deserve summer! I am blessed that I am able to have my dream job August-May–sharing my passions with students and learning from them and a great school community–and then I am blessed that I am able to unwind June & July to reenergize for next year’s kiddos!

What are you all enjoying as summer is starting?! Do you have any book recommendations I should add to my pile? Do you have any project recommendations…or something you would like me to create?? Please do not hesitate to reach out!!

I am Miss DeCLAIREing Happiness declaring the little things that have made me happy this summer! I hope you all have a great Wednesday…I’m off to Trader Joe’s😋


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