Happiness Highlight: Cricut Clothing Creations

Happy July Everyone 🙂

I hope you all had a great Fourth of July! Maybe some of you took a long weekend or are in the office today–whatever the case, I hope your day has been fabulous!!🤩

I wanted to highlight something that is making me oh so happy right now…and has been for a while!! As you read from my title, one of my happiness obsessions is creating/designing clothing using my Cricut machine. Check out this gallery of Cricut clothing creations I have made over the course of the year! (Lol did you like my alliterations??? Can you tell I’m a teacher???)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Everyday I discover something new about creating clothing with my Cricut machine and I get so excited!! I feel like the world is my oyster…. I can create anything and everything🤣 To make my apparel more exciting, I have bought some fun fonts and doodles by “A Perfect Blend” (on Teachers Pay Teachers). I also learned how I can create my own graphics and illustrations on Adobe Illustrator and transform them into graphics on the cricut machine (an example of this was how I made the string lights for one of the Stranger Things shirts, glasses for the Harry Potter shirt, and cow spots for the Chick-Fil-A shirt!) However, if I am too #lazy or in a rush to create a shirt, Cricut has an awesome online gallery where I can purchase pre-made illustrations and graphics for as little as $0.99. Again, THE WORLD IS MY OYSTER, when it comes to these creations!!

I feel like as I am getting more advanced in the clothing designs, Cricut is getting more advanced in their clothing materials. I can honestly say that their iron-on material color selection has multiplied by 1020930940923% and they have added pre-made iron-on designs. They recently came out with infusible ink (Infusible Ink)…another way to make apparel that pops! I am excited to try the infusible ink (#blogposttocome), but I feel as though I need to do a little more research before attempting.

As you can tell, this Cricut machine of mine is one of my passions and something that makes me real happy! Another thing that makes me really happy is creating for others. That being said, if there is a design you like, t-shirt you want, or pretty much ANYTHING you see on Pinterest or online, message me:) I would LOVE to create something for you and make your dreams a reality!!

Thanks for reading this blog post 🙂 You can DEFINITELY expect more designing from me! Thanks for following along in my happiness journey!


Miss DeCLAIREing Happiness

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