New Series: Sugar Free Sunday Featuring Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Krispies

HAPPY SUNDAY!! Man, do I LOVE Sundays! Sunday mornings are my favorite. I sleep in and by sleep in, I mean wake up at 6:30. I meal prep. I make a nice breakfast. Joel and I go on our “#SundayWalk”. I can just rest and relax ❤️

An additional event I want to add to my Sundays is sharing a new series to this blog–Sugar Free Sunday. As many of you have learned, I have developed a passion for eating clean. One of the aspects of eating clean is getting rid of artificial sugars. Over the past couple of weeks, I have loved trying and creating new recipes that are sugar free…but taste good. I get so excited when I can make an “unhealthy recipe” HEALTHY! Miss DeCLAIREing Happiness DOES have a sweet tooth, butttt, I am learning how to harness a natural sweetness in treats and recipes. I thought it would be fun and beneficial to share these recipes with you all!

Sooo for the first in the series, here is my #SugarFreeSunday recipe:

If you have been following my instagram (@missdeclaireinghappiness), you probably have learned my enthusiasm for the company “Magic Spoon” and their cereal. Their protein cereals are packed with 12 grams of protein and 110 calories per serving. They have a wide array of flavors from Chocolate, to Blueberry, to Frosted, to Fruity…. and I think Cinnamon (I haven’t tried this one yet!!). All of the cereals are keto, gluten-free, grain free, wheat free, soy free, and sugar free. THE. CEREAL. IS. AMAZING.

With my new passion for this product, I wanted to create a way to eat this cereal besides just in a bowl with almond milk. Thus, “Rice Krispies” came to mind!!

I did a little research and brainstorming of how I could create healthy, clean krispies without the added sugar… and marshmallows. Now, there are sugar free marshmallows, but I wasn’t interested in reading the ingredients to see what they were made of LOL. I thought of ways to add some extra protein: Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Krispies were born!!!!

Below, you will see the specific ingredients I used in addition to Magic Spoon, coconut oil, and almond milk. I believe that any different brands will do. However, make sure that if you are adding the protein powder, you choose a “flavor” that would fit with chocolate and peanut butter. (**If you use a different protein powder, it might affect the nutritional facts of this recipe**)

I combined all of the ingredients–except the cereal- in a stovetop on low heat. I stirred the mixture for about 1-2 minutes, making sure it did not burn or thicken too much (if it does thicken for you, add extra almond milk to thin out). Then, I mixed the peanut butter mixture with the chocolate cereal.

Next, I sprayed a 9×9 pan with coconut spray and pressed the cereal mixture into the pan. I let this pan freeze so that the mixture could harden. After about an hour in the freezer, I cut cereal into bars 12 pieces. VOILA!!! The protein cereal bars were created and eaten!!!

I’m sooooo excited to snack on these throughout the week because they are yummy and protein packed! Let me know if you try this recipe and/or any modifications you make:)

The next recipe I hope to post about is a sugar free “Irish Soda Bread”. I’ll be channeling my roots and finding a way to enjoy one of my favorite St. Patrick’s Day recipes in a clean way ☘️☘️

Thank you for following along in my journey!


Miss DeCLAIREing Happiness

4 thoughts on “New Series: Sugar Free Sunday Featuring Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Krispies

  1. My protein powder scoop is maybe too big. It was thick so I added more milk but it just got thicker, like gelatin. (The protein powder I have has flaxseed meal in it and it tends to get thick and gelatinous in a blender/shaker bottle too.) Then the oil started to separate out so I stopped stirring it on the stove and just added it to the cereal and tried to coat it all. After freezing I cut them and ate one and it was nice and crispy. After being in the fridge overnight, they got soft and gooey. They still taste good, but the texture isn’t as nice.


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