About Me ♥

Simply put: [de]CLAIRE is the name & happiness is the game. After creating a blog for my student teaching experience WAY BACK WHEN (thank you @UofIJamesScholarProgram) and an instagram account (@missdeclaireinghappiness pls follow), I wanted to continue my blogging journey online!

Life can be tough sometimes and I’m here to remind us all of the HAPPY things. I’ll be sharing self-care tips…or self-CLAIRE tips lol…all about marriage, teacher tips, exciting & easy DIY projects, what I’m grateful for, fun food recipes, savings/secrets and MORE!! The only rule I have for my posts is that they have to be about something HAPPY. 

I promise you will be learning a lot about me on my blog, BUT in case you want some fast facts, here are some below:

1.) I just got married to my high school sweetheart Joel this year!! Over the past couple of months, we have had a BLAST experiencing all things MARRIAGE!

2.) I am a third year teacher! I received my DREAM JOB in my DREAM DISTRICT! I love teaching fifth grade. Joel will also be in school this year 😉 He’s starting medical school! YAY FOR MORE EDUCATION! 

3.) My other passions besides teaching are tacos, popcorn, clean eating, running, Trader Joe’s, ALDI, cactuses, Bubly, and crafting!

4.) The Donahue family consists of my patient, fun-loving dad, and my hilarious, hard-working older brother. After my freshmen year of college, my mom passed away after battling stomach cancer. She was and still is my role model! My love of crafting and cooking has definitely come from her.

5.) Ever since I took a Digital Photo class in high school, I love taking pictures, using Photoshop, and creating graphic design projects.

6.) Favorite show has to be a triple-tie between Friday Night Lights (I grew up in Austin, TX… obvi this is a fav), Jane the Virgin (they are just so darn funny!!), and The Office (C.L.A.S.S.I.C).

7.) If I could eat chips, salsa, and tacos for every meal I would. I have probably eaten my entire body weight in tortilla chips…they are just so delicious.

8.) My favorite color is blush pink. You will find this color constantly as a part of my wardrobe, phone case/background, Apple Watch,  jewelry, and bedroom.

9.) I have stopped eating artificial sugar since my birthday last year. The journey has been challenging BUT rewarding. I love experimenting with new foods and natural sweeteners. I believe in whole, clean, real foods. Every now and then I do have my sugar, but I have been fun creating and following recipes with natural sugars. 

While following my blog/website, I’m sure you will learn even more about me! If you have any questions or comments… PLEASE do not hesitate to reach out. I love helping, sharing my experiences, and learn from/about others. Thank you for following along with me on my journey!