About Me


Simply put: [de]CLAIRE is the name & happiness is the game. After creating a blog for my student teaching experience (thank you @UofIJamesScholarProgram) and an instagram account (@missdeclaireinghappiness pls follow), I wanted to continue my blogging journey online! So hence…. this website was born!! Here are a couple important facts about me:

1.) In May 2018, I graduated from the University of Illinois in Champaign Urbana with a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education. I finished my first year of teaching!!! I taught 5th grade and will be continuing my second year at the same school, same grade, same room (but with air conditioning!!) come August.

2.) My other passions besides teaching are tacos, popcorn, M&Ms, oreos, Loft, owls, cactuses, Sparkling Water, and crafting!

3.) My obsession for all things owls and red comes from being a part of my sorority, Chi Omega. Chi O was such a big part of my college experience. I formed some fierce friendships and helped raise money to grant wishes for some deserving kiddos!

4.) The Donahue family consists of my patient, fun-loving dad, and my hilarious, hard-working older brother. After my freshmen year of college, my mom passed away after battling a stomach cancer. She was and still is my role model! My love of crafting and cooking has definitely come from her.

5.) Ever since I took a Digital Photo class in high school, I love taking pictures, using Photoshop, and creating graphic design projects.

6.) Favorite show has to be a triple-tie between Friday Night Lights (I grew up in Austin, TX… obvi this is a fav), Jane the Virgin (they are just so darn funny!!), and The Office (C.L.A.S.S.I.C).

7.) If I could eat chips, salsa, and tacos for every meal I would. I have probably eaten my entire body weight in tortilla chips…they are just so delicious.

8.) My favorite colors are blush pink, navy blue, and gold. You will find these colors constantly a part of my wardrobe, phone case/background, jewelry, and bedroom. It’s kinda ridiculous how many navy blue dresses I own, how many blush pillows I have, and that all my jewelry is gold colored… but ya know what… that’s me!

9.) COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS UNTIL #MEISTERTAKESHISMRS (my wedding!). It’s less than a year away and I can’t wait!! My cute fiancé Joel is in the picture above!!

While following my blog/website, I’m sure you will learn even more about me! If you have any questions or comments… PLEASE do not hesitate to reach out. I love helping, sharing my experiences, and learn from/about others. Thank you for following along with me on my journey!

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